03 – Topological transformations

When I put scalars together I get a lattice, like the image below (figure 4). Thus when I put deformed scalars together, I get the same lattice when I don’t draw the deformed part of every unit. However, the latter is the part of the volume of the unit that alters in a continuous way, synchronous with the other units around.


figure 4
Every unit is a reduced scalar thus the deformed part of the unit will rearrange its shape in a way that nears a symmetrical shape (the sphere). However, increasing the reduced scalar is impossible because of all the other units around. The post “Composed basic field” in the topic “Beyond spacetime and quantum fields” describes the details of the combined scalar and vector field more extensive.

When I change the imaginary cylinders into membranes I can draw the schematic quantum unit in a more “realistic” way. So figure 5 shows a schematic representation of a unit that is a reduced scalar.


figure 5
The schematic shows the invariant volume but it is clear that the unit cannot decrease the strokes of the membranes when the other units around don’t allow this. In other words: the direction of the future alterations of the unit is restricted by the alterations of all the other units around.

Figure 5 shows the registers (and sign bit) of every membrane and it is clear that the internal transfer of volume from 1 membrane to another membrane are equivalent to topological transformations. So I can add digital comparators to the registers but that is not enough to control the alterations of the binary quantum units.


figure 6
A binary quantum computer cannot have an enormous amount of quantum units. Therefore, it is necessary to simulate the lack of units in a controlled way. The schematic above (6) shows a solution when the alterations are controlled from the outside of the quantum computer. For example with the help of a control unit (computer).

However, there is something missing. The control unit must detect the magnitudes of all the registers of quantum units thus the schematic in figure 5 is too simple.

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